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LaserMax • Why Do I Need a Laser Sight?

For Personal Protection

Training With Lasers 
Laser sights emit a narrow, pencil-like beam of light. The laser beam indicates where the bullet will penetrate the target. LaserMax gun sights are totally internal, so they stay aligned, even in rough conditions. While LaserMax sights give a tactical advantage, they are also extremely useful in firearms training. Used in either live or dry fire conditions, the laser sight reveals both flinching and anticipation of recoil because the shooter can see the laser dot reacting on the target.

The LaserMax is effective for teaching and practicing basic skills like AIM-HOLD-SQUEEZE. The pulsating red dot gives immediate correlation of the iron sight picture with the point of AIM. The shooter is able to AIM safely because the LaserMax activation switch is on the side of the firearm, in the position that law enforcement calls Universal Cover Mode.

AIMing while in Universal Cover Mode keeps AIM separated from SQUEEZE, which is taught to avoid accidental discharges. The LaserMax is also helpful in determining proper HOLD, including how steady and secure the HOLD is. Jerking is readily visible during trigger SQUEEZE—and off-line movement is easily diagnosed using the LaserMax. The shooter gets immediate feedback on his/her technique, and can learn much more rapidly as a result.


Using LaserMax, the shooter is able to keep both eyes open and does not sacrifice 50% of his or her peripheral vision. Not having to focus on front sight alignment, the shooter maintains full field of vision of the target area.

LaserMax is cost-effective and convenient because AIM-HOLD-SQUEEZE can be practiced and tested without the use of live ammunition. Dry-fire training and practice can be done at home or some other indoor space without the need to go to the range. As the shooter acquires sound technique and gross motor "muscle memory" through the dry fire routines, he/she can advance to dry-fire practice at moving targets.

Please note that the LaserMax augments your firearm's iron sights, it does not replace them. Remember to practice and achieve reasonable proficiency with the factory sights of your semi auto handgun before introducing the LaserMax.

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