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A Laser Is A Plan To Be Effective
One of many reasons laser sights belong

Lasergrips: For The Gunfight We Hope You Never Have

Owning a handgun is the first step toward personal defense. But the essence of personal defense is to achieve accuracy amid gunfire, under duress, and with no assistance in sight. All of which begs the question, just how effective are you with a gun in your hand? We ask the question with all due respect, and we recognize that there is probably no higher praise for a handgun owner than to be described as effective in a gunfight. That's what we want for you.

The good news is, everyday guys stop dangerous crimes all of the time. Thanks in no small part to the advent of laser aiming devices such as Crimson Trace Lasergrips, the top-selling and best-known brand. The beauty of Lasergrips is that it's the shortest path to fast, accurate shooting when the heat is on and things look dire.



Never mind trying to line up those iron sights while also confronting a threat. Forget about all those techniques and tactics you practiced at the range, because everything you learned turns to mush between your ears. Instead, focus your attention and your laser on the target, and know that your round will follow the laser beam precisely.

It's important to know what's working against you in such a conflict…besides the bad guy. First off, there are numerous physical and psychological changes. Your heart pounds as adrenalin surges. You experience target fixation. Your near vision deteriorates. Your field of view narrows. You don't hear everything. Time slows down. You have a "spray & pray" reaction. You have a sympathetic nervous system reaction. And most frightening of all, your fine motor skills go away because your body is preparing for a major physical exertion to either fight or run. The best way to compensate for these changes is to rely on Lasergrips.

Research confirms that most armed intruders attack for two reasons:
1. They don't know you're there
2. They expect you to be incompetent with a gun

Armed with Lasergrips, however, they not only know you're there, they know where your bullet is headed. Folks in law enforcement call that a deterrent to violent crime, and we like the sound of that.

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