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A Laser Is A Plan To Be Effective
One of many reasons laser sights belong

As A Training Tool, Lasergrips Pinpoint Problems

Six reasons why laser sights are great for training:

True marksmanship is a perishable skill. The only way to become good at it is to shoot a lot, and the only way to stay good at it is to shoot even more. That means training at your local range as often as you're able.

Now if you think we're about to advocate training only with Lasergrips, you'd be mistaken. Because the fact of the matter is, we believe it's best to cross-train with open sights and laser sights, maintaining proficiency with both. It's worth noting, though, that a lack of training time in general can be offset by the performance characteristics of Lasergrips in particular. The idea is simple enough: Just project a dot onto the target.


Following are six solid reasons for training with Lasergrips:

1. Faster Training Results
Laser sights offer unique advantages for trainers and students. Useful and under-utilized, laser sights make the education process faster and more effective, because the visible laser beam helps trainers make their point with greater clarity. Likewise, students can see precisely how they're doing in real time. The learning curve is shortened for shooting with our laser sights, because muscle memory lessons are being taught at a rapid pace. Forget about looking at charts to determine how the student is doing. The results are instantly and abundantly clear.

2. Enhanced Trigger Control
This is probably the most significant advantage of training with Lasergrips. From the instructor's point of view, laser sights are optimal for diagnosing and correcting trigger control issues. They put a visible dot on the target that clearly shows students and trainers the consequences of each and every improper movement. Errors are fully illustrated and corrections are immediately obvious. This permits the student to self-correct.

3. Sight Alignment Made Simple
Many training experts consider this to be the second most important benefit of training with laser sights. Lasergrips help students learn the concept of Sight Picture, because lasers show precisely where the muzzle is aimed. (Often, it's not where the student thought!) Here's a simple exercise that demonstrates the point: Have the student present the gun, raise it to eye level, and then start to establish a sight picture. The trainer puts a finger over the laser to block the beam. When the student feels he has a sight picture, the trainer removes his finger. If the laser is off target, his sight picture is incorrect.

4. Positive Reinforcement
Few things are more frustrating than missing the target badly. Conversely, few things are more satisfying than knowing that you're "on it." A laser sight provides an instant pat on the back for the student whose confidence was wavering, revealing for all to see that the training is bearing fruit, that the student is making good progress.

5. Instinctive Way To Learn
Guns are machines. Gun owners are human beings, complete with sensation and perception characteristics that involve muscles, nerves and neural function. Learning to shoot with a laser sight is arguably easier than with open sights, because the instinctive activation of the laser is much more in line with the way the human body functions. All attention goes to putting the red dot on the target, not on the process of aligning the rear sight and the front sight with the target.

6. Dry Firing Practice Makes Perfect
This one applies primarily to more advanced students seeking to learn sophisticated tactics and alternative sighting techniques. We're talking about lasering from awkward and unnatural positions. Or lasering around corners without aligning your body behind the weapon. Or "periscoping" over the top of obstacles. On the other hand, even rookies can benefit by dry firing practice that demonstrates how trigger pull can affect shot placement.

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